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Categories History

The Color Green

Examining Racism Rooted in the Drug War Byline: Cody Funderburk 2019 will be a conflicting year, as we begin our unwavering struggle for progress amid a defunct, shutdown government. Many question how we could find ourselves here in the 21st century, unsettled by the cyclical recurrences of s...
Categories Cannabis, Pets

Canines & Cannabis

An in-depth review of supplemental CBD for your fur babies Byline: Cody Funderburk Next to humans, dogs and cats are the most popular recipients of legal cannabis products. Pet owners claim the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD (cannabidiol) is helpful for a range of conditions, including the reduct...
Categories Edibles

Candy Crush!

Examining the New Ban on Washington State Edibles Byline: Cody Funderburk By now, you might've heard about Washington's latest decision to ban the production and sale of various cannabis-infused edibles, namely gummy and hard candy. The ban will go into effect preventing the sale of these candie...

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