Burnt Out

A budtender’s advice to absolving your high THC tolerance

Those of us who have been smoking pot for several years know the dissatisfaction of a gradually fading tolerance to THC. What used to be mind-melting giggle-inducing euphoria is now a light feeling of loftiness. What happened? You smoke too much, plain and simple. But don’t worry, there are a few essential tips and tricks you can try to bring your tolerance back down to Earth.

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Why your tolerance to THC diminishes over time?

The reason THC gets you high is because of the abundance of cannabinoid receptors found throughout the brain and body. There are two main types of cannabinoid receptors, called CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are mostly located in various parts of the brain, especially in the areas that control mood, appetite, and cognition. The second type of receptor, CB2, is found more abundantly in the body and influences physiological functions. Over time, repeated stimulation of the receptors will cause them to weaken, and you’ll notice that getting stoned doesn’t feel quite as intense as it used to. In this situation, you’ll need to stop consuming THC for a long time (the longer, the better) to allow your receptors to heal. However, if you are like a lot of stoners, waiting two weeks to get hella high sounds a little impractical…

Here are a few tricks I’ve learned to help navigate a high tolerance problem:

Tip #1

Your tolerance is lowest in the morning – use this information wisely. If your tolerance is sky high, you’ll probably start to notice that your morning smoke sessions get you the most stoned. And, no, it’s not because you’re still sleepy, it’s because the neurotransmitters in your brain repair while you are sleeping. However, just because your tolerance is lower in the morning doesn’t mean you should break out the dab rig with the oatmeal. In fact, you need to do just the opposite. If you want to enjoy getting high for the rest of the day, you’ll do yourself a favor by smoking only enough to enjoy a buzz in the morning. This will keep your receptors from going back to sleep before you do, and it might save you some time getting ready as well.

Tip #2

Embrace edibles. If your tolerance is high enough to notice, one 10 milligram edible probably won’t cut it. You’ll want to start with several servings until you get a feel for how they interact with you. Some people don’t “feel” edibles, and other people get surprisingly blitzed. If the state limit on edibles is too low, you can always research simple methods for making DIY edibles or look into pre-activated concentrates. Even if you don’t use edibles as a sole source for getting high, they can still add a boost to your smoke session later in the day.

Tip #3

Dab Wisely. Dabs are nifty for those of us with a super high tolerance, but if you’re too overzealous, dabs can easily wreck your tolerance. The intense levels of THC released in your bloodstream after a dab will flood your cannabinoid receptors, dulling them out faster than your average bowl. Save dabs for nighttime smokes and special occasions, and your tolerance will thank you.

Mastering the art of knowing when to partake, and how much to consume, is key to maintaining a low tolerance throughout time. Eventually, every stoner will have to take a “tolerance break,” but learning to smoke a little less in the morning, supplement with edibles, and enjoy dabs in moderation are the top three tips for keeping your tolerance down.

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