The Best Cannabis Strains for Sexy Time

While it’s true that cannabis misuse can lower libido and dampen sexual performance, it is also true that finding the right cannabis strain can amplify and maximize the quantity and quality of sex. Preference for strain varies from person to person, but a variety of strains, including both indica and sativa strains, may help to ignite the fires burning inside you.

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Sativa strains are typically awake and vibrant, offering mentally stimulating effects, which is perfect for having the stamina and creativity for incredible love-making. Indica strains tend to be relaxing and enticing, which is great for partners seeking calming and sensual qualities. Perhaps one of the most underrated cannabis varieties are hybrids, which combine the genetic attributes of both indica and sativa strains for a more balanced effect. Whichever is most appealing to you, there are a variety of strains with unique effects to cater to your desires.

Here are three popular strains for sexual enhancement:

#3 Green Crack

One of the most sativa-leaning options on the list, this energy-inducing strain is best for morning or daytime use – unless you plan on staying awake all night! Some people compare the cerebral effects to a cup of coffee, which is perfect for those seeking invigoration, stamina, and creative euphoria.

#2 Trainwreck

This sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross of two landrace sativa strains and one landrace indica strain. “Landrace” is a term distinguishing a genetically pure strain, i.e., it hasn’t been hybridized with another strain and is a direct descendent to wherever it evolved. Trainwreck provides an energetic cerebral high, but the indica notes engage the body in a way that some report feeling like a “jelly” sensation. This strain is ideal for engaging both the body and mind in a stimulating way. Shop Ponder

#1 Granddaddy Purple

This strain is undoubtedly a contender for the best indica for romance! It has a notorious body melting relaxation that earns its place as the top-selling indica strain on the market. If your sexual needs prioritize relaxation, pain-relief, and anxiety prevention over creativity or stamina, consider trying a few tokes of granddaddy purple. With this heavy indica, overuse could make you feel tired and sleepy, so it’s best to approach this strain cautiously. Shop Ponder

Final Advice

Lastly, I would like to offer two main pieces of advice regarding the use of cannabis for sexual enhancement:

First, it’s best to familiarize your mind and body with the cannabis strain before you engage with sexual activity. Doing this allows all partners to establish familiarity with the effects of the strain, including the strength of the “mind high” and the side-effects such as hunger, anxiety, or lethargy that the strain may inspire.

Second, start slow. The intent isn’t to get high for the sake of being high, the intent is to get high to have a better sexual experience so getting completely blitzed in the first 20 minutes may be counterintuitive. You can always get higher, but you can’t get less high without waiting it out.

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