Wake N’ Bake

Cannabis to promote wakefulness. What you should smoke in the morning and what you should not

Let’s be real; a lot of people get high while they make their morning coffee in a bathrobe – myself included – and there’s nothing wrong with that! But let’s talk about the types of pot you should be smoking first thing in the morning… and those you should not!

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A lot of us know the glory of coasting through our afternoon routine surfing on the subtle buzz of our morning wake n’ bake session. But probably just as many of us know the tribulations of frantically locking the door 15 minutes late with your shirt half unbuttoned and – oops, forgot your phone – back inside. “Why do I feel like I’m forgetting something?”

These are a few clever tricks to achieving the former, rather than the latter scenario:

#1. Smoke less

No, I’m not your mom, but I still know what’s best for you, and too much pot at 8 am isn’t it, little one. Your tolerance is at its lowest point when you first wake up, because sleep is when your cannabinoid receptors are restored, and reactivated. Therefore, when you first wake up, you probably don’t need as much pot as you think you do. Not to mention, flooding your receptors with an abundance of THC will jack-up your tolerance for the rest of the day, making your evening smoking session much less satisfying. So, save your dab-infused kief-coated bowl for after work, and you’ll enjoy it much more.

#2. Sativa diva

Conventional wisdom might say, “smoke sativa (strains); they’re more energizing and more active.” While sativa strains tend to be less sedative than indica strains, and while some sativa strains may make you feel more energetic, the wrong sativa strain can throw-off your morning routine in a Seattle minute. Haze, for example, is a notably energizing strain, described by some as “anxious” or “racey,” yet I would never smoke Haze with something pressing on my to-do list. For a morning smoke, you seek not only energy but clarity. Jack Herer, a piney, woodsy sativa strain, is excellent for morning use because of its high levels of the aromatic terpene Alpha-pinene, famous for giving pine trees their fresh, invigorating scent. Alpha-pinene is known to suppress the memory loss associated with THC consumption, which makes Jack Herer a choice strain for morning or daytime use. As a result, Jack Herer enjoys a reputation as a clear-headed, functional, and energetic sativa strain. Similar strains like Green Crack, Where’s My Bike, and Trainwreck may provide the same effect.

#3. Try CBD

Some research has shown that CBD can help counteract some of the negative side-effects of THC, like brain fog, racing heart, and anxiety/paranoia. Some strains, like Cashy’s Honey or Aliens On Moonshine (my personal favorite), offer a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, which has just enough THC to catch your morning buzz while also providing the calming effects of CBD. One of my favorite techniques is to blend a pine-forward CBD flower, such as Pine Tsunami, with a pine-forward THC flower, like Jack Herer, into a weed salad. The combination accentuates coffee perfectly and helps me stay perfectly stoned and on time.

To recap: don’t smoke too much THC, find the right sativa strain – not just any sativa strain – and play around with adding CBD to your bowl. Not getting too high is the most important tip for keeping your cool, and it is easy to overdo in the morning if you are not cautious. Happy toking!

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