CBD for Workout Recovery

Feeling the burn with your New Year's resolution?


Add CBD with THC to your workout recovery plan this year to finally make that resolution stick. Here’s our list of CBD suggestions compiled from your helpful and knowledgeable Ponder budtenders.


Powerful combo of pain relieving ingredients to support the body’s ability to heal inflammation, sore muscles, aches and pains.

$20 (100 mg CBD)


Cooling Menthol and numbing Camphor distract the brain, quieting nerves that carry bothersome signals. Provides deep and lasting relief.

$20 (2 oz: 175mg CBD | 175mg THC)


Everything a premium topical should do, FLOW does better. Deep, long-lasting relief.

$56 (250 mg CBD | 125 mg THC) *Take 30% off on Fairwinds Thursdays


Designed to provide all the relief expected from a Flow topical – with the convenience of a roll-on applicator.

$41 (148 mg CBD | 2 mg THC) *Take 30% off on Fairwinds Thursdays

Why CBD?

Not only does CBD work directly to help the body recover after a workout, but it promotes auxiliary functions like deep sleep and relaxation that are doubly advantageous for recovery.