Welcome to the Future of Fast-Acting Weed Drinks

New Nanoemulsion tech means fast-acting weed drinks that work in 1/3 the time of traditional cannabis beverages

Ponder Seattle - Nanoemulsion = the future of cannabis edibles

Enjoy weed drinks, but wish they kicked in faster?

Traditional cannabis-infused drinks require waiting for the body’s digestion to feel any effects. New Nanoemulsification technology means oil-soluble THC molecules are broken up into smaller particles. These particles are dispersed more evenly and are more quickly accessible to the bloodstream.

Whether for fun or relaxation, weed drinks that reliably kick in faster are the future of infused cannabis beverages. At Ponder, we are embracing what this great technology can offer and the brands at the forefront of innovation.

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Green Revolution

Natural Sparkling Fruit Drink with antioxidants and electrolytes.

$40 (17 fl oz: 100 mg CBD + 10 mg THC) *Take 20% off drinks every Wednesday


Introducing the first-of-its-kind, sparkling cannabis beverage, Vertus.

$50 (100 mg) *Take 20% off drinks every Wednesday


Combine Washington apples with SōRSE emulsified Cannabis, and the result is happiness in a bottle.

$35 (12 fl oz: 100 mg) *Take 20% off drinks every Wednesday


Happy Apple’s new tart counterpart, Atomic Apple! It’s got a real kick to it!

$35 (12 fl oz: 100 mg) *Take 20% off drinks every Wednesday


A cannabis infused beverage by Major.

$25 (6 fl oz: 100 mg) *Take 20% off drinks every Wednesday