$3 Smoke n’ Glow Add some extra magic to your experience
with one of our new Ponder Glow Pipes.
Pick one up at a sweet price today!

What are Glowpipes™?

Glowpipes™ absorb light, then glow in the darkness! These unique pipes are handcrafted by a second-generation professional artistic glassblower, Jason Thiemann, in Stanwood, Washington.

How do I make it glow?

Glowpipes™ are made with unique BorowGlow™ glass. BorowGlow™ glows in the dark without the need of a light source (such as blacklight or UV light). Using any light source, you can activate the glow in the dark process. Once charged your Ponder pipe will glow in the dark for anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour (depending on the charging source). As you use your pipe, the glow will fade but may glow for up to 30 minutes. All you need to do is charge your pipe again and you will be good to go! Pro tip, sunlight, LED, and UV lights (fastest charge) are recommended. Your BorowGlow™ glass will retain its ability to glow and recharge for years of enjoyment.

Ponder Glow Pipes – $3/pipe

Available in-store. Stop by Ponder and pick one up today!