The Color Green

Examining racism rooted in the drug war - including the recent history of cannabis prohibition and the adjoining eerily recognizable racial hostility.

Candy Crush!

Examining the New Ban on Washington State Edibles. By now, you might've heard about Washington's latest decision to ban the production and sale of various cannabis-infused edibles, namely gummy and hard candy. The ban will go into effect preventing the sale of these candies after April 3, 2019.

The Birth of A Bud

Perhaps you’ve acquired a favorite strain of cannabis over the years, or perhaps you’re overwhelmed with the immense array of options on the market.

Fall Pairings

The art and science of pairing any of the seemingly endless varieties of cannabis strains with a complimentary selection of foods and beverages.

Phoenix Tears

The Legend of Rick Simpson. If you spend enough time at your local dispensary, you may encounter a curious looking product in a syringe

What’s That Smell?

A Handguide to Common Cannabis Terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in millions of plants, tthat create the unique smell profile of each flower.