Stay home, but stay lit

Now might be the only time in our lives that it’s socially responsible to stay home and get baked— why not take advantage of it?

The Devil’s… Medicine?

How to introduce reluctant seniors to cannabis. While many seniors are enjoying safe, legal access to medical cannabis, some may still harbo

Dab Decoding

Buying the right dabs can be tricky. Here's a breif guide on what to look for when you're choosing from a selection of dabs in the store.

The Birth of a Bud

Cannabis Genetics 101. How are strains different from one another, and what are the secrets to cultivating a great strain?

Cannabis Tea

The benefits you may be missing by just smoking cannabis. Cannabis brewed into tea is an often overlooked use of the herb.

Canines & Cannabis

Next to humans, dogs and cats are the most popular recipients of legal cannabis products. Pet owners claim non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD

Food Pairings

The art and science of pairing the various cannabis strains with complimentary food and beverages