Medical Marijuana

Ponder Seattle is a Medically Endorsed Cannabis Retailer, here to help you better enjoy that summertime fun.

FREE Medical Marijuana Card Registration at Ponder

Are you a new medical marijuana patient? Let us make your medical marijuana card (it’s free!) and get happy hour pricing (15% off) on purchases during your sign up visit!

Ponder is a Medically Endorsed Cannabis Retailer

Ponder customers can meet with certified Medical Marijuana (MMJ) Consultants who can answer their Medical Cannabis questions. For qualified patients, our consultants can register them in the State of Washington’s Medical Marijuana Authorization Database and issue Medical Marijuana Patient recognition cards.

Benefits of Registering as a Medical Patient

The benefits of becoming a registered MMJ patient in Washington State include:

  • No Sales Tax: Purchase certified Medical Cannabis products, sales tax free.
  • Purchase More: Purchase 3 times the recreational maximum limit for Cannabis and Cannabis products.
  • Higher-THC: Purchase high-THC certified medical Cannabis products.
  • Grow Your Own: Grow 6 Cannabis plants at home for personal medical use – additional exception for up to 15 plants.
  • Protections: Certain protections from arrest, prosecution and legal penalties for possession of Cannabis.
Ponder Seattle has a medically certified budtender to assist patients from 8am to 11:45pm daily.

Visit Us for a Different Experience

For those that have only experienced the limited and untested product selection that the typical medical marijuana dispensary offers, we encourage you to visit Ponder and learn about the wide selection of safe Cannabis and Cannabis infused products that the regulated legal market offers.

What You’ll Need to Get a Medical Marijuana Card

To qualify for a recognition card, a patient must be diagnosed in the last year with a qualifying condition.

When dropping by Ponder to have your Medical Marijuana Recognition Card made and be registered with the State of Washington’s Medical Marijuana Authorization Database, patients will need the following:

  1. WA Resident

    You must be a resident of the state of Washington.

  2. Qualifying Condition

    You must have a qualifying medical condition. A complete list of qualifying conditions can be found at the WA State Dept. Health site.

  3. Authorization Form

    Obtain a Medical Marijuana Authorization from a healthcare practitioner allowed to authorize marijuana for medical purposes in Washington State.

  4. Valid ID

    Valid Identification (horizontal or vertical id’s accepted).