Clean Body, Clean Planet

With increased awareness of how personal purchasing decisions affect our health and the planet, more and more people are being mindful about the brands they choose to support. We at Ponder love this trend and want to encourage you to try these standout brands doing important work in the Washington State cannabis scene.

Lazy Bee Farms

Clean Green Certified. Commitment to sustainable, outdoor farming practices. Plastic-free options.


Clean Green Certified. Material sourced from responsible, pesticide-free farms.


Clean Green Certified. Sustainably farmed, certified sungrown.

Bondi Farms

Flower and pre-rolls labeled as "pesticide free." Crops grown indoors utilizing a closed-loop system.

Green Haven

Notable "tested with confidence" labeled farm. Uses only neem oil as a pest-repellant.


Utilizing non-toxic pest repellants, sustainable farming methods, and biodegradable packaging.