Happy Apple Cider

Autumn means its that time of year again, CIDER SEASON! Crisp fall days full of crispy fallen leaves call for a crisp Happy Apple cider!

What’s so great about Happy Apple?

Happy Apple is the perfect recreational cannabis experience for those not inclined to spark up or smoke.

  • NO cannabis taste… just crisp and delicious local Washington apples!
  • No sugar added
  • Naturally gluten-free
  • Perfect social beverage, the cannabis equivalent to drinking beer or a hard cider

There is no haze to waft through as crisp, refreshing, all-natural Happy Apple takes the edge off so you can enjoy a social and festive smoke-free buzz, delivered by the best tasting and enjoyable cannabis product on the market.

Made with SORSE emulsion, Happy Apple is free of any cannabis taste or smell. All you’ll taste is pure, unfiltered apples.

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