Dabstract Mail Order Bride PAX Vape Cartridge

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Dabstract Mail Order Bride PAX Vape Cartridge

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StrainMail Order Bride
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The effortless pen-and-pod system for cannabis oil. Control temperature, flavor and potency and achieve session predictability. Experience the new Era of cannabis enjoyment.

Dabstract’s PAX Era pods combine our pure extracts with the precision heating, long battery life, and personalized session control that are hallmarks of the PAX experience. We formulate our pods with High Terpene Extracts (HTE) and pure distillate high in THC, CBD, or blends, to offer a pod for your mood or desired effect.


  • 15-20% terpenes
  • 75-80% potency
  • Proprietary hardware design for precision heating and a smooth vape
  • Never cut with additives