Optimum Extracts Delta Vape Battery

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Optimum Extracts Delta Vape Battery

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DELTA is an irresistible beauty with
semi-transparent house, lips matching curve, and the super power to indulge you in great sensation of
pure taste. The adequate resistance exclusively designed for DELTA
battery make it able to heat and vaporize extract consistently and generously with 10%-20% increase on
vapor production compare to normal cartridges. Magnetic connection is the fashionable way to switch
flavor in a snap of fingers.

Our CO2 extracts are full spectrum and not stripped of their cannabinoids (unlike distillate).
We use 100% natural cannabis derived terpenes for maximum potency and a non-perfumy taste. No additives
or glycols.

Disposable design is a guarantee of zero maintenance, perfect leakproofness, and high hygienic

Food and medical – grade material show our attentiveness in quality.

No Need for pre-heating and complete vaporization of every last drop indulge our consumers in
pure flavor and powerful potency.

Optimum Extracts