Ponder offers a full line of wellness Cannabis products which often include concentrated doses of Cannabidiol, or CBD, a constituent found in Cannabis plants. CBD is the yin (body relaxation), to the THC yang (mental high). Combinations of CBD, plant extracts and essential oils can synergistically provide anti-inflammatory effects. Also, the consumption of CBD may mitigate the intensity of the mental high effect of THC. To learn more about CBD, check out Project CBD

Terpenes are the primary constituents of essential oils that are found in Cannabis plants. Various types of terpenes are found in different Cannabis strains, which may also provide wellness benefits. Ponder offers an online information kiosk where you can further research information regarding Cannabis strains, terpenes, products, effects, and wellness.

Medical Cannabis


Ponder is a medically endorsed cannabis retailer. Customers can meet with certified Medical Cannabis Consultants who can answer their Medical Cannabis questions.  For qualified patients, our consultants can register them in the State of Washington’s Medical Cannabis Authorization Database and issue Medical Cannabis Patient recognition cards. To qualify for a recognition card, a patient must be diagnosed in the last year with a qualifying condition.  A complete list of qualifying conditions may be found here.  

The benefits of becoming a registered medical cannabis patient include the ability to:  (1) purchase certified Medical Cannabis products, sales tax free; (2) purchase 3 times the recreational maximum limit for Cannabis and Cannabis products; (3) purchase high-THC certified medical Cannabis products; (4) grow 6 Cannabis plants at home for personal medical use – additional exception for up to 15 plants; (5) possess 8 ounces of usable Cannabis grown at home – additional exception up to 16 ounces; and (6) certain protections from arrest, prosecution and legal penalties for possession of Cannabis.

The Ponder Promise


We pride ourselves on our sourcing standards and the relationships we forge with our partners that enable us to offer a wide variety of premium cannabis products at affordable prices. We exist to create exceptionally enjoyable experiences that leave you feeling great. And that’s not just blowing smoke, it’s our Ponder Promise!