Winter is Tough on Skin

Maintain your healthy glow

Ponder Seattle - Winter is tough on skin. Maintain that Healthy Skin Glow

Chapped winter skin is canceled

Revive your healthy skin glow with a little CBD and TLC .

Skincare Must-Haves


Cooling Menthol and numbing Camphor distract the brain, quieting nerves that carry bothersome signals. Provides deep and lasting relief.

$20 (2 oz: 175mg CBD | 175mg THC)


Everything a premium topical should do, FLOW does better. Deep, long-lasting relief.

$56 (250 mg CBD | 125 mg THC) *Take 30% off on Fairwinds Thursdays


Designed to provide all the relief expected from a Flow topical – with the convenience of a roll-on applicator.

$41 (148 mg CBD | 2 mg THC) *Take 30% off on Fairwinds Thursdays